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Click the heart so we know you're not an AI robot.

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Introduce yourself to the tribe. The first impression is everything.

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The laws of LUV Games.

✨ Announcements

LUV Games announcements.

✨ Official Links

The official links of LUV Games.

✨ $LUV

Everything pertaining to the currency of $LUV.

🎚️1️⃣ LUVR

✨ Quest

Discover new quests and see who is on top of the leaderboard.

✨ General

General LUV Games water cooler conversations.

✨ Lnelords

Discover real estate properties within your budget and network with others to help them level up on Lnelord.

✨ Atl5d-911

Become a hero by helping someone in need of something that you can help them with.

✨ Fireside Chat

Tell your struggle or success story to help others on the same path.

🎚️2️⃣ Biz

✨ Barter

Find businesses that accept $LUV.

✨ Biz Marketing

Everything that pertains to marketing your business.


Ask us anything.

✨ Suggestions

Make suggestions to us or others about how they can improve their business. (No spamming).

✨ Trouble Ticket

Let us know what's broken, and we will fix it.

✨ Biz Lounge

Schedule a business event in here.

🎚️3️⃣ Find Love

✨ Luv Metaverse

Connect with our tribe members in our Metaverse space. Schedule a Metaverse date event.

✨ Date Night

Tap into date night events. Speak it into existence, and you will meet your soul mate.

✨ Why

Ask why, and the universe will answer your question.

✨ Zodiac Mate

Embed your TikTok video or post a video of yourself and your compatible zodiac mate.

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Check the status of your rank.

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We have proof of who invites the most people to LUV Games.

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