Countup is used to show animation counter

CountUp example

Example of Countup



AttributeDescriptionTypeAccepted valuesDefault
isCounting?Play and pause counting animation.booleantrue / falsefalse
start?Initial value.number-0
end?Target value.number--
duration?Animation duration in seconds.number-2
decimalPlaces?Number of decimal places after the decimal separator.number-0
decimalSeparator?Decimal separator character.string-.
thousandsSeparator?Thousands separator character.string--
easing?Easing function to control how the animation is progressing.Easing-easeOutExpo
updateInterval?Update interval in seconds. Determines how often the animated value will change. When set to 0 the value will update on each key frame.number-0
onUpdate?On value update event handler. It receives the current value.(value: ReturnValue) => void--
formatter?Function that formats the output value.(value: number) => ReturnValue--
onComplete?On animation complete event handler.---
...native propsHTMLAttributes--